Look what your friends and neighbors had to say about Hearing Healthcare Center:

“I’ve had four sets of hearing aids and these are the Cadillac of them all. I can hear well, they don’t fade on me and they can filter out extraneous noises. And they don’t squeak! Without my hearing aids I wouldn't be able to continue my practice."
- Dr. C. Pigneri, Oakland, IA

“My hearing was a real challenge, but Clint was very patient and willing to work with me. I would recommend him if you are having hearing problems.”
- Roger Strong, Clarinda, IA

“"Wilbur is in a different world with the new hearing aids. The box on the T.V. is wonderful, he can enjoy his own shows. Thank you!".”
- Mrs. Wilbur Welchans  

““The improved clarity and ability to adjust the hearing aids with my phone is amazing. I could tell an improvement with the quality of sound immediately. And the rechargeable feature is AWESOME!”.”
- D. Busby, Oakland, IA

“It’s amazing how my new hearing aids work using bluetooth with my cellphone. I truly have selective hearing with my wife now.”
- Bob Benton of Tabor, IA

““I don’t have to say huh to my wife anymore!”.”
- T. Larson, Essex, IA