About Us

Hearing Healthcare Center is a family owned company. Melissa started fitting hearing aids in 1998 then became board certified in 2004.

"In 1992 I started working in a hearing aid office. I found myself trying to fix hearing aids and solve problems before I really knew what I was doing. After training and many years of classes I enjoy helping the hearing impaired have quality hearing again. In 2004 Clint joined me in our business. It has worked out well. We have three children, Ashley, Amber, and Caleb. With a family of our own, we know how important hearing your family is to you! We know how important family is and view everyone who works with us as one of our family members. That's why we work different business hours and make house because we would want that kind of treatment for ourselves. We live in Atlantic and travel to the different towns to stay close to our family. We love southwest Iowa and plan on serving the area for many more years."